Public development banks account for 10% of annual investments. They are therefore important players that can play a catalytic role in redirecting the $20 trillion of global investment towards more sustainable development. This sustainable finance that does not put returns on investments and speculative activities as its primary objectives. A finance that thinks about "our common future", that favours the long term and does not see the externalities of growth as a constraint, but as a window of opportunity. This is what the book by Régis Marodon and Ruedi Baur is about. Enjoy your reading!

A publication of Civic city and ten-billion-humans
with the support of the French Development Agency

Text: Régis Marodon
Illustrations: Ruedi Baur
in collaboration with Odyssée Khorsandian,
Marine Clair and Cassandre Lepicard

Published by Lars Müller Publishers
Printed in November 2020
Format 12 x 16 cm
252 pages