And suddenly the world was immobilized
The small encyclopaedia of containment and deconfinement by Ruedi Baur.
Available en français HERE

Financing our common future
Faced with economic, social, historical and environmental divides, sustainable finance has a role to play in this "common future" to be invented.
Available en français and in English HERE

Our world to change
A visualization of the state of the world and possible ways to change it.
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Visual coexistence
Ruedi Baur and his research team study the writing systems and scripts of different cultures and identify their principles of representation. A presentation of multilingual typography in all its complexity.
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The city as an open partition
Christopher Dell is inspired by music to think about the city and take into account the immaterial dimension of the urban. He approaches and develops the concept of an open score to envisage space and take an original look at the city and urban processes.
Available en français und auf Deutsch HERE